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“Certainly, there shouldn’t be agreements that are inconsistent with Australia’s national interest, or our foreign policy,” Mr Albanese told the ABC’s Insiders. “No, I would never concede that point, but again foreign affairs is a matter for the Federal Government,” he said. Mr Shoebridge said if the Andrews government challenged the laws in court, it would "simply put even more of a spotlight on the naive or willfully blind behaviour of the Victorian Premier in entering these BRI arrangements". A spokeswoman for the Victorian government confirmed to The Age it was seeking legal advice on the draft bill and explanatory memorandum and "considering the intersection between proposed Commonwealth legislation and impacts on Victoria, as it always does". Australians called on the Victorian Labor government to terminate the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) agreement at Victoria Parliament on Dec. 15, 2019. "As presented drafted, the bill would require councils, state governments and universities to submit thousands of international arrangements for review by an already overworked and underfunded Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The legislation, if passed, can be expected to lead to the Victorian government’s “belt and road” agreement with China being quashed, and will put up in the air many university arrangements. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2021. The Morrison government last week released draft laws which would allow the Commonwealth to cancel foreign agreements which contradict Australia's national interest. "My concern is that the bill seeks to regulate activities across education, culture, research and trade - covering things we wouldn't usually think of as foreign policy, like school exchanges, orchestra tours and trade delegations," she said. All times AEDT (GMT +11). China cancels Democratic Republic of Congo loans as it joins belt and road Beijing writes off US$28 million in matured loans and pledges US$17 … China-funded culture and language centres at Australian universities and Victoria's Belt and Road deal with Beijing could be cancelled under a powerful intervention to … Melissa Conley Tyler, research fellow at the University of Melbourne's Asia Institute, said the federal government had failed to identify any specific problem justifying the intervention. Daniel Andrews’ secretive and controversial deal with Beijing is expected to be forcibly torn up by the Morrison Government within weeks. The Morrison government last week released draft laws which would allow the Commonwealth to cancel foreign agreements which contradict Australia's national interest. The COVID-19 pandemic has ignited new debate on China’s flagship foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The 'One Belt, One Road' plan has been heralded by the Chinese government as the "21st-Century Maritime Silk Road". Opposition leader Anthony Albanese last year said he was “very supportive” of the foreign relations laws and that federal Labor had shifted to oppose signing up to the scheme due to the CCP’s growing “interventionist” behaviour in recent years. “My concern has always been to grow jobs,” he said. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has defended his Belt and Road agreement with China.Credit:Wayne Taylor. “And I’ve always seen these arrangements and all of our arrangements, not just with any one country but with all the different countries, different states, different provinces, different regions that we have relationships with, they’ve always been about a passport to export.”. To join the conversation, please Log in. Picture: Andrew Henshaw/NCA NewsWireSource:News Corp Australia. “That’s a very important principle,” he said. Overview. “I haven’t seen the benefits of it,” Mr Morrison said. Polling conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs think tank found the majority of Victorians wanted the state to pull out of the controversial scheme, with even Labor voters strongly opposed. ". Mr Morrison introduced new laws last year giving the Federal Government power to tear up any state or local government deal with a foreign power if it is deemed “inconsistent with federal foreign affairs policy”. Who Monash, where I live, is the sister city with. “I’m certain of that, and that’s why, as challenging as this is, people have to find a way to work through it.”. Speaking to reporters last August after the new federal legislation was unveiled, the Victorian Premier said he expected the PM to “no doubt very soon be able to list the full range of other free trade agreements and other markets that we’ll be sending Victorian products to”. Late last year, as relations plunged to new lows after a Chinese diplomat posted a doctored photo of an Australian soldier holding a knife to an Afghan child’s throat, Mr Andrews continued to stand firm on the agreement. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. “There has to be consistency when national governments deal with other national governments.”. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. The Framework Agreement on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) agreed between the Victorian Government and the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China in October 2019 builds on the existing BRI Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in October 2018. The Belt and Road was announced in 2013 as an economic development initiative that would create new trade corridors across Asia, Europe and Africa, positioning China at … victoria; politics; Belt and Road Initiative: Deal Daniel Andrews can’t back out of. A “road map” of projects planned for release this year is yet to eventuate and a planned trip to Beijing in March by Mr Pearson, who was then Mr Andrew’s parliamentary secretary and is now a minister, was cancelled. Associate Professor Beck said the biggest difficulty with the proposed legislation is that the power that would be given to the foreign minister would turn on his or her opinion about whether agreements adversely affect Australia's foreign relations, and courts were usually uneasy about making rulings on such matters. The federal parliament can do as they please. If this is the biggest and most important thing for them to be doing at the moment, well, I look forward to them explaining that to everybody.”. The Belt and Road deal, which Mr Andrews has defended as being about Victorian jobs, attracted increased scrutiny last year as Australia’s relationship with China soured amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ controversial Belt and Road deal with the Chinese government is expected to be torn up by Prime Minister Scott Morrison within weeks. Victoria's new deal with Beijing has angered some in the Morrison Government who worry about Chinese influence in Australia, but Premier Daniel Andrews says it … The Victorian government looks set to pursue the next step of its controversial Belt and Road deal with the Chinese government, despite widespread criticism of the deal. In November, the CCP cited the foreign relations laws in a list of official grievances making China “angry” with Australia. Opinion. Victoria has little to show for signing up to China's Belt and Road Initiative and keeping the MOU sends the wrong signal. He also hit out at the scope of the new laws, saying it would allow the Federal Government to interfere in innocuous agreements. Speaking to the Herald Sun, the PM said while he would not “pre-empt” that process – which gives states until March 10 to inform the Commonwealth of their deals with foreign governments – he had not seen any advantage from the arrangement. But the state government insists the deal is about boosting jobs and trade in infrastructure projects. The new laws would allow the Australian foreign minister to cancel agreements that states, territories, local governments and universities enter into with an overseas government if they are found not to be in line with Australia's foreign policy. The Belt and Road agreement with China could be cancelled as soon as mid-March, according to Sky News political editor Andrew Clennell. Mr Andrews’ position put him at odds with his federal Labor counterparts, who had expressed concern about Victoria’s decision to join Belt and Road. RELATED: Australia eviscerated in savage Chinese newspaper column, Daniel Andrews and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in 2017.Source:Supplied. In August, Mr Albanese vowed that federal Labor would never seek trade agreements under the Belt and Road Initiative. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has defended his Belt and Road agreement with China. Don't have an account? Inside Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative deal with China. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Victoria’s non-legally binding sign on to China’s belt and road initiative has prompted concerns about foreign influence. Mr Morrison had already indicated to Victoria that the deal was unlikely to stand. RELATED: Joe Biden’s first phone call with Xi Jinping, Daniel Andrews in Tiananmen Square.Source:Supplied, “No,” he said, when asked by reporters whether he would turn his back on the deal given the latest outrage. Senior foreign policy officials are concerned Victoria's deal could undermine Australia's push to counter Beijing's growing influence in the region. “Who Dandenong is the sister city with. "The High Court has said that it is always possible to challenge the lawfulness of government decision-making in court," he said. Daniel Andrews has questioned Scott Morrison’s priorities and demanded the Prime Minister come up with new trade markets for Victoria if the controversial Belt and Road deal with China is cancelled. The MoU is a general non-binding document that commits Victoria to no specific project. I don’t have the answers to those questions at this point, but the assessment of those arrangements will continue.”, He added that federal policy would determine foreign relations. The critics do not understand the nature and content of the MoU, nor do they understand the BRI. The minister will be able to terminate private contracts related to the main arrangement – for example an infrastructure construction contact resulting from … They are accountable for the decisions they make. This article was one of the most read in Australian Outlook in 2020. "The discovery process in a court case will likely cast much more light on the internal advice to Premier Andrews Gaps between the Premier and advice from his own public servants and from Commonwealth agencies will probably emerge during this process," he said. Pressed by reporters at the time, Mr Andrews refused to concede the Belt and Road Initiative was a national security threat. Victorian government seeking legal advice over draft foreign relations laws. “If there are benefits, what are they and what was paid for them? allow the Commonwealth to cancel foreign agreements which contradict Australia's national interest. Very large text size Laws that give the Commonwealth powers to cancel deals such as Victoria's Belt and Road agreement with China passed Federal Parliament on Tuesday afternoon, paving the way for the controversial deal to be scrapped within months. "But if decisions are made wholly based on non-justiciable matters then there may be a risk that some of the foreign minister's decision making will in practice be unreviewable in the courts. Australians called on the Victorian Labor government to terminate the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) agreement at Victoria Parliament on Dec. 15, 2019. Patrick J. Byrne, vice chairman of the National Civic Council, speaks to a crowd at Victoria State Library on Nov. 21, 2018. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. Victoria’s Labor government stole a march on the rest of the country last month becoming the first (and only) state government to sign a memorandum of … Anthony is foreign affairs and national security correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. The PM refused to say whether Victoria's Belt & Road deal violated the national interest. COVID-19 and rising tensions at a national level have stalled Victoria’s Belt and Road progress this year. It might be fair to argue that the foreign minister's powers should be based on more specific criteria.". Why Victoria took a wrong turn on China's Belt and Road. Sign up, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Michael Shoebridge, director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute's defence and national security program, said the politics of the Victorian government challenging the Commonwealth's right to run foreign policy through the BRI agreement "looks worse very day". The Belt and Road agreement with China could be cancelled as soon as mid-March, according to Sky News political editor Andrew Clennell. Burger King slammed over sexist tweet on International Women... WA economy named best in the world by S&P credit rating agen... Meghan Markle, Prince Harry: Inside their $19m California ho... CBA economists predict 110,000 jobs will be lost once JobKee... Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. “Like, matters of massive international intrigue like sister city arrangements,” he said sarcastically. He said the deal had “always been about getting more Victorian produce, more Victorian products, more Victorian economic activity”. Protesters against China’s Belt and Road Initiative gather in front of the Parliament House of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia on June 7, 2020. Against the official position of the Australian federal government, the state of Victoria has recently signed on. Concerns about debt diplomacy on China's expansive infrastructure megaproject — the Belt and Road — have become an increasing source of debate from Asia to Africa and the Middle East. “This relationship is far too important to farmers, to manufacturers, to workers, to profits for Victorian companies and therefore prosperity for our state.”, Mr Andrews called on the Federal Government and China to “refocus on trying to repair” the relationship. The Andrews government is seeking legal advice on proposed new federal laws which could tear up its controversial Belt and Road agreement with China, potentially setting up another fight over foreign policy with the Commonwealth. Two facts become clear when observing the increasing criticism of Victoria’s memorandum of understanding with China over the Belt and Road Initiative. The Commons Select Committee briefing states that “The Belt & Road Initiative is a multi-layered foreign and economic policy programme that was first unveiled by President Xi Jinping in 2013, through which China is building and developing land and sea trade routes to … The Victorian government’s Belt and Road agreement with the Chinese government could be Victoria's controversial Belt and Road Deal with China could be scrapped by Scott Morrison under a proposed new law. Join the conversation, you are commenting as, — Australia’s leading news site> — Australia’s leading news site, Australia eviscerated in savage Chinese newspaper column, Joe Biden’s first phone call with Xi Jinping. The Andrews government blindsided Canberra in 2018 with the announcement that it had signed a memorandum of understanding to take part in the $1.5 trillion infrastructure program, which is widely viewed as a global power play by Chinese Communist Party and a national security threat. Luke Beck, a constitutional law expert at Monash University, said the proposed Commonwealth laws were unlikely to be in breach of the constitution as they were supported by the "external affairs" power and did not fall foul of any other sections of the constitution. Senior diplomatic and national security figures have been concerned about the deal with the Chinese government at a time when Australia is trying to counter the Chinese government's growing influence in the region. It could result in Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews being forced to scrap his Belt and Road Initiative agreement, which ties the state to Chinese President Xi Jinping's signature initiative to bankroll infrastructure projects around the world. “I’m confident that the Commonwealth Government knows and understands how important this relationship is,” he said. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has defended his Belt and Road agreement with China.

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